5 Reasons to Consider a Screened-In Porch

Yes, it’s cold out there now. A screened-in porch may be the furthest thing from your mind right now when we yearn for the warmth of spring and then summer, but consider how hot you were last July and August. Remember those days when the patio burned your bare feet and how much time you spent indoors on those sweltering days? Or how about those times a cloudburst sent you running for shelter? Here’s why a screened-in porch is worth considering during the winter.

  1. A porch provides shelter from the summer sun and rain, and keeps the weather from limiting your entertainment options.
  2. A porch provides shelter for your better outdoor furniture and lets you provide lighting and ventilation when the sun goes down and mother nature turns the breeze off.
  3. A porch gives you a longer season to enjoy not only the summer, but the late spring and early fall as well.
  4. A porch provides protection from biting insects without toxic sprays or foggers
  5. Winter is a great time to plan a screened-in porch and stake out a prime time on our schedule! We can’t guarantee it will make spring come any faster, but it can’t hurt!


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